When I found out about the Alive Magazine 3 issue launch party I was even more excited when I found out that Jim Beam Vanilla Bourbon tasting was being part of it. I was so ready for this event. I was already a fan of Bourbon and with a touch of Vanilla It only had to be better.

The event was a total success, it defiantly showed how the fashion Art industry is growing and making a lot of movements. Alive Magazine brought us a group of talented creators to show case their talent. This group was so talented and refreshing. Now a days its just not about being an artist its about being an mentor for our future generations, someone who inspired you to go and make things happen. They share their struggle and what inspired them to be where they are now.

Alive Magazine is a great outlet for all these artist and doers now in these times. It is very important to share and motivate those who surround you. Expose yourself to questions out of your comfort zone and create new goals, these kind of actions bring us  the new stage of creators.

One of the hosts was  Jim Beam Vanilla Flavor, the newest family of the Jim Beam family. An American Bourbon who’s Stillhouse in Clermont, Kentucky takes place.

July is my birthday month and now I have the perfect cocktail to celebrate it.




1 orange slice

Rosemary, fresh

2/3 cup   Grapefruit  juice fresh

3 dashes Angostura aromatic bitters

1 tbsp white sugar

Ice cubes

Shake all ingredients and garnish with rosemary and orange slice.

Serve on the rocks/old fashioned glass.


This cocktail is perfect for a summer day but  Jim Beam Vanilla flavor has a variety of options to drink.

I love to enjoy it the old fashioned way, this way I can enjoy the rich flavor original from the white oak barrels . Bourbon is an American tradition and its well know that even it can be created it anywhere the most famous one are from the south  specially the Kentucky area.

Just like wine is aged to get its flavors bourbon gets stored on oak barrels and thats what creates a delicate rich flavor.

At Alive magazine 3 issue party were offering shots of Jim Beam vanilla Flavor and it was so smooth to taste. I have found the perfect flavor for my birthday celebration coming soon.

This month of July is definitely making history for me. I had an amazing year so far accomplishing personal goals, family milestones and my birthday. I’m so ready to celebrate!

You can find more info about the Jim Beam Vanilla Flavor (21 and older) on its Instagram , Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest  

And  don’t forget to check out Jim Beam You Tube channels to get delicious recipes for your future events and impress your guest.





Thank you Jim Beam for sponsoring this post.






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