Caviar for Your Hair

I recently turned 43 years old and as much as I care about taking care of  myself by eating well, staying  active to keep my body healthy and trying every single lotion and face treatment I see in the market..  I have to confess I try almost everything and just like you I have yet to find the fountain of youth.

But let’s talk about the head. Have you ever thought how much our hair ages? Well it does, we all know that our hair is just a protein filament, just like our muscles loose their strength our hair does too. So this means we have to feed our hair just eating the right food to keep it healthy and maintain it strong . I recently visited Caitlin Lambert a professional hair stylist  and an educator for Alterna Haircare I was so  impressed by her knowledge about hair and most importantly latin hair, it is rewarding to me when I find a professional who knows what they talk about. She guided me so well about techniques in taking care of my hair and what products can help me bring back my shine and strength.

She used Alterna. Alterna is an innovative luxury haircare this brand is la creme de la creme on hair products you might not have heard about this brand but thats is the great thing. This is a product that it will not disappoint.




Finding the right hair stylist is like finding the right school for your kids, you want someone that will treat your hair the right way and will guide you to maintain it healthy  Caitlin Lambert is what I was looking for, Have you ever had the chance to meet someone with such a great knowledge in their field that you just want to get in their hands? That’s exactly what happened to me the way she shared her knowledge and passion about hair and beauty, she just made me so anxious to get involved.

She treated me in such a great way that she made me feel special and always making sure I was comfortable in what ever she was doing. She applied shampoo, treatments etc.. but at the moment she was explaining what the products do for my hair. She used Replenishing Moisture Shampoo from the Caviar Collection  from Alterna and then she followed with Repleneshing Moisture Masque.

Alterna has a Caviar Collection to Bamboo Collection, who has not suffered from dry hair with open ends? We have all gone through this tragedy and partly because the caviar had not come into our lives, more than in food presentation. The caviar extract that is applied in beauty products not only regenerates the damaged hair, but also protects it from free radicals, the sun and the repercussions caused by the heat tools such as the iron and dryer. In addition to this, you should know that the  caviar extract contains a high amount of amino acids, omega 3, vitamins A B and f, proteins, iron and zinc. So basically, it gives hair everything it needs. It protects and restores it while moisturizing and protecting it, getting it to look much prettier, stronger and more alive.



Masks for battered hair are like creams for dark circles; It seems that we are all a little unhappy and we would like to find a way to have more powerful results overnight. The truth is that I have not found another remedy for the battered hair that can overcome a good haircut; It gives us the opportunity to make a clean slate that leaves all the ends open on the floor of the living room, but, no doubt I confirm that the masks are an excellent form of maintenance and repair that help counteract the daily damage to which our head is exposed every day. It is clear to us that the masks are the divine remedy that we must all try,  but what happens when we do not use them correctly? Absolutely nothing serious, the intention here is that whatever treatment they decide to use, these are remedies to intensify the effects and get the best out of those 15 extra minutes of love that deserves our hair.

Caitlin used the Bamboo AM daytime Smoothing Blowout Balm to take care of then freeze in this summer weather and Caviar Style Satin Balm in among others, the result; a healthy looking hair the experience was like taking my hair for a VIP buffet loaded of good nutrients for it, totally recommended. In this summer time I also recommend the BB beach Balm it will protect your  hair from all the chlorine or salt water.



I am Happy that I found the right person to take care of my hair and to know that every time I visit her I will leave the place full of satisfaction

You Can find Caitlin Lamber  at #35 the Boulevard 63117  You can also find her On Facebook and give her a like ♥ so you can be part of her tribe and watch all her hair tutorials or find her on Instagram

Thank you  Caitlin lambert your happiness was so contagious and for taking care of me!



Thank You




This post was sponsored by Caitlin Lambert . All opinions are my own. 


Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!

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    August 3, 2017

    This sounds so indulgent for your hair! I definitely want to try this for my locks <3

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