Anniversary Trip.


Another Year has come and now we are celebrating our 16th years of marriage. It hasn’t been an easy journey I’m not going to lie but it has been one of the best journeys I have done. 16 years and 3 kids ages 12,15 and 18. Having teenage kids is so much fun, I just enjoy my little talks with them and since my oldest is a girl I have a good girlfriend 24hrs a day. Me and my husband are in a place in our marriage  where we can do our things back again, like one of our favorites, traveling. For this special celebration we choose New York a one of  a kind city, NYC is unlike any other city in the world, almost anyone can tell you. When it comes to differentiating any one type of person. I’m not as adventurous as my Husband, I’m more of a low key girl. But this city was the perfect balance for our needs.

It just makes sense that so many television shows and movies take place here — there’s no better choice. Of course there are things we dislike about this beloved city, but they pale in comparison to the things we love about it.

1. Taking pictures in Central Park

2. Being able to walk anywhere

3.The different people you meet

4. Grand Central Station

5. The Statue of Liberty

6. All the best food ends up here

7. All the opportunities are here

8. There is always something open 24 hours a day

9.Dollar slices of pizza

10. It’s one of the fashion capitals of the world.

And the list can go on and on but lets go back to the basic. We had a blast after raising 3 kids and with our youngest now being 12 years old we have more time for our selves, basically going back to dating. To me it is so important to spend some time alone with my husband and lets not call this being selfish is just the way it has to be. You have to be the first one on your priorities list. I have always believe in putting my self first on the list If you are a happy mom you can rise happy kids.

Set an example to your kids and show them how important is couples time, kids love to see their parents enjoying each other time.

“Set a real example of love,” Boteach says. “The relationship and marriage must come first.” Think Carol and Mike Brady of the Brady Bunch and Cliff and Clair Huxtable of the Cosby Show.



And after all this love story I want to go back to fashion after all New York City is the capital of fashion. This multicultural city has everything and all kind of trends packing for me was easy just add a good pair of walking shoes and we are go to go.

A Dressy white Trousers from The Loft, a graphic Tshirt from Zara,  a bold pink blazer from Ann Taylor, bag from Chanel and the comfy shoes from New Balance made the look to visit WTC Oculus Breathtaking Place, I encourage everyone to put it on your bucket list the Architecture is stunning and you will find the some of the most high in brand for shopping.

I fall in love with Soho a very picturesque neighborhood full of enchanted buildings with a lot of historic, shops, local restaurants, art galleries you name it you will find everything is here.

For this day I decided to wear my black jeans  from American Eagle, a pink cardigan from Banana Republic, a black cape from Top Shop and my shoes from Franco Sarto it was a 60 degree weather so this save my day. My bag is from Ralph Lauren a classic.

It was a rainy day in the Big Apple so for that I was smart enough to packed my Sperry’s boots, I styled them with some jeans

and a navy Blazer from White Hose Black Market.

So Important for us is to enjoy night life, and I can said it was fabulous going bar Hopping started at a classic Pub Bar, for some cocktails and then we moved to a  Mexican Cantina fro a nice dinner and Margaritas and since the night is young here in the city we finished at a top bar where we enjoy the magnificent city. Breathtaking!

Dress From Zara, Bag from Chanel, Coat From Forever 21 and shoes from Calvin Klein.


Thank you







Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!