The Essentials


I’ve learned about myself that I never blog about new sales, or stores that have the best steals in clothing. I learned that I’m the type of person to just wear the clothing I already have. From the beginning I always just shopped for different items and ended up with having a little bit of everything. I love having the essentials in my closet and the basic trending pieces. Don’t get me wrong I have some clothing pieces that are trending at the moment and eventually I’ll get rid of because there are out of style. But also having the perfect pair of denims a classy back pair of trousers etc.. pieces that you know that no matter how many trends pass by, those essentials will stay with you for a while, specially if they are good quality pieces.


One of the things that I love the most in my wardrope are mini skirts, I have always had this thing for mini skirts. Summer is the perfect weather for it, but it seems that we are obligated to wear florals, light colors for summer. I find it fun to wear something the opposite way, I love this leather skirt in the summer along with a denim shirt. Don’t be afraid to wear something different that is not in season make your own statement.


Mini skirt is pass season from Zara and denim shirt is from Cloth & Stone by Anthropologie.


Shoes By Mix No6



These are some of My essentials on my closet:

A simple white T-shirt

Skinny Jeans

Black Pumps

White bottom down shirt

Leather Jacket

Classic Black trousers

Little Black dress

An Elegant Blazer

The Pencil Skirt


A lot of times we think that having a lot of clothes will give us a variety of options to create outfits, this might be true. The bad side of having a mountain of clothes is that you might lose your own style. The best you can do is create a special wardrobe with limited items.

It’s never late to do this, specially with change of season it’s an opportunity to clean up our closets and keep those pieces that works for us. You know its a rule that if you don’t wear it in a year (just to give you an idea of time) you will never wear it, so Toss it!



Thank You.


Carmen ♥ 



Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!