The Fearless Award is an award for #BOSSBABES who empower other women to do what they love! Style Collective is a platform for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. The Fearless Award is a way to empower and connect with other bloggers/Instagrammers that you want to get to know, affirm a girl boss you’ve always looked up to, share the love around your network, or encourage a new blogger/Instagrammer on her path!

Who are you?!

My name is Carmen Ramirez I’m a mother of 3 Teenagers Nicolas 12, Emilio 15 and Grecia 18, I have my own business of Home Organizing and Residential Cleaning, I started Blogging Because I wanted to inspire moms to realize that there will always be time for themselves and how to have fun while parenting. We as mothers need to know that our age should not stop us or hold limits for us in anything we would like to do or accomplish.

What is your blog/Instagram all about?

My Instagram is about fashion and lifestyle, I’m 42 and I hope that my style inspire ladies my age to feel confident about their body and age because we all are beautiful in our own way. I have had a passion for fashion since I was young I remember when I was in high school and always wear the clothing that made me feel the most confident. For me high school was a runway show. I have only had a short time with my blog and Instagram and eventually will start sharing more lifestyle, it has just started as a learning process.

What do you LOVE about blogging/Instagramming?

My favorite part about blogging is that I can express myself. What’s a better way to express yourself than writing? Even though I struggle with english writing. I have met so many great girls with my same passion about life and knowing that i inspire them makes me feel great.

What do you not love about blogging/Instagramming?

The superficial that it can be. We all have to agree we all want to see the real deal and thats what makes you original. I don’t want to be the same as anyone else. It is so important for me to keep my authenticity and uniqueness.

What are your goals (big and small!) for your blog/Instagram?

Gain followers! Lol!!! Write more about my lifestyle and share how to balance a mom’s lifestyle without giving up your dreams, connect with more women up there.  I’m an entrepreneur and one of my goals is to start a nonprofit organization to help kids back in my country Mexico.

If you could be better at one thing, what would it be?

I’m very passionate about things I do and have in life, friends, family work, life I will say I have to respect that not everyone sees things that way I do. I try to focus in my positive things and not pay attention to the negative.

Who are your biggest supporters? How/why?

I have a very supportive family and my husband always tells me I can do it. But I will say that I’m my biggest supporter. I know when I get too comfortable in my comfort zone and that means for me that is time for more challenges.

What do you wish there was more of in your life?

Time, time, time, I have so many projects and ideas that I just wish I can have extra time in the day to keep going.

Fearless Award Secret Facts:

1.- I have a line of One of a kind jewelry.

2.- When I was 10 years old I will used my moms sewing machine to make dresses for my dolls, since then I love sewing and I make all my pillow cases at home and some tops for me.

3.- I love baking and bake for my family twice a week something that my husband doesn’t like because I don’t help with the diet.

4.- I’m a great cook love cooking Mexican food specially.

5.- Back in time I was an aerobics instructor and spinning that made me have two surgeries in my right knee.


I want to thank Annie Spano for  nominated me for this fearless award.

I nominate  :

Valerie St. Louis, MO

April  St Louis, Mo

Siara Arizona

Gisel New York

Clara San Francisco


Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!