Short Vs Maxy Dress

When it comes to hot weather we always think about shorts, tank tops, skirts everything that shows skin. but have you ever think that a maxi dress can be perfect for a hot summer day. here are some pros about this fashion trend.

Short Dress:

  • More care must be taken not to flash people
  • Have to shave your legs
  • Need leggings/spanx or you get chub rub in the thighs
  • You have to be careful not to show too much
  • If you’re a student and wear a backpack, your backpack may cause your dress to ride up and flash to everyone
  • They are all about the legs
  • They might limit you from some activities.
  • They are sleek chic and sexy
  • They are fun and feminine.

Long Dress:

  • You are always buffet ready.
  • cooler when is hot.
  • makes you feel feminine.
  • Less mix & matching? Like, the dress is essentially the entire outfit
  • Wear one item and you’re good to go.
  • Don’t feel like shaving?
  • Undecided about what shoes to wear? hide them under the dress.
  • they hide your imperfections

All in all, neither long dresses nor short dresses are better than each other, they’re just made to fulfill different style goals and to wear for different occasions. You may feel like you want to wear a long dress today and a short dress  tomorrow—and that’s perfectly fine. But when you do need a little help, come check out this style guide. That way, you can make the choice that’s just right!


Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!