New Years Resolution.

We all have thousands of purposes and goals to meet every year, as if suddenly time stops and the previous 365 days disappeared completely to start from scratch. Although you know that that is not possible, somehow your mind helps you think that you are closing a cycle to start the next. A  good Idea is to make yourself a list… Why?

A list is a vital tool to help you clarify what your true ambitions. That keeps you in constant motivation every time you read it, that it is not only a mental list, but a list that you write with your fist and lyrics in a notebook that you see every day on a Blackboard or poster that you review every morning before you start your day.

A list organizes your thoughts, you propose short-term objectives, and the tasks or activities to be become your personal commitments. When you complete a task in a natural way you going along the path towards the following.



To reach your goals you need to prioritise your work, what is most urgent, important and what you can expect. With a good list you force you to stop wasting time watching videos of cats on Youtube and better put hands to work on your personal plans when you have “free time”.

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