New Year New You.

New year new you, right? Here is a small list of new resolutions one should consider taking on. Workout, be on time, eat well, go to bed early, etc, etc.. but have you ever thought about the way you parent? I’m sure you are a wonderful mom or dad there’s no doubt about it. But is also true that todays modern world keeps us from doing things that we used to do. Lets not talk about kids these days, how they are the new millenniums and that no one can change that. I have a list for you to help you with your goals: how to be better mom or dad this year. Following these 12 tips, are to end up with good results

1. Stop Distracting yourself with your digital devices. Pay attention to your children, the “here and the now” are the antidote to your reactions. Take it seriously and treat your addiction to the Internet.

2. Do not take anything for granted. Having the love of your partner, your children, your parents and who you want to keep in your life, Does not means you are done showing your love to them.

3. Your children are not worth more by their grades in school. Reduce your anxiety concerning about their grades and pay attention to their social skills the same importance that  you do to their academic performance.

4 Reduce your words and establish clear rules at home to promote values. Instead of “babbling” or lecturing your kids give them  important values in house with clear rules that they can adapt to by practicing everyday to live better. Include rules of collaboration collective in the home.

5. Return to the Basic: decency, work ethics, love. Do you know the required educational script for when your children become independent from you? Do not seek for new global trends, work in the basic structure and personality of your children and yourself.

6. This is the year of empathy! Is not  only “put yourself in their shoes”, that is an limited approach and superficial. Being empathetic means stimulating the attention on who you surround: extroversion, not introversion; perceive and respond to the other.

7. Reduce the “Selfie Syndrome” that only encourages the narcissism, annihilating the empathy. Do not flatter your children. Recognize them as different. If you praise them you do not encourage self-esteem, but instead their pride.

8. Validate each time when your children show empathetic behaviors  Whether it is by identifying what others feel or responding  appropriately to these emotions.

9. Give your teen “shock therapy” through social service. Remove them from his microcosm consumerist and carry them “voluntarily to force” to serve to people or beings more vulnerable.Do it in family to work better.

10. Good manners and zero rudeness at home campaign. ” please and thank you”. Ask for things, do not demand. Watch your language, any phrases culturally considered rude.

11. Improve your sense of the humor when educating. Don’t take everything too serious. You don’t have the truth revealed and you must not let yourself get bitter. Take on more sense of humor. Prioritize the problems not everything is always important. don’t create a issue that wasn’t necessarily.
12. Understand and apply three main points to intelligent discipline: prevent, before there is unacceptable behavior. Reductive, intervention timely just before it occurs an unacceptable act and restorative: repair  of any damage act  produced.





<p>Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!</p>