Meet 1 of the finalist to Caleres FEC.

Caleres FEC is days aways and The finalists are ready to show video presentations and live pitches, I had the pleasure to interview one of the finalist Chrissy Fogerty, Fauxgerty.

Founded in 2013 by designer Chrissy Fogerty, Fauxgerty is a collection of cruelty-free threads with an emphasis on recycled elements and local, ethical production in STL, LA and NY. We are committed to our cruelty-free mission. Turning hide into leather wastes energy and water, uses chemicals to unnaturally halt decomposition, and is harmful for both animals and humans.

Turns out, much like your Aristotle-inspired intuition suggested, vegan leather contains no animal products (or by-products there of). In theory, vegan leather is in fact faux leather simply by a different name. As vegan-friendly options pop up throughout our nutritional decisions, the fashion world has brought the buzz word over to the historically animal-cruel industry making faux anything seem cool again.




1.What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?

My greatest strength, I hope!, is my desire to operate a very healthy work environment and maintaining positivity. It is really important to me that we accept any issues that arise and move forward. Especially in fashion, production schedules and deadlines can get quite stressful. Maintaining a positive outlook is crucial in ensuring we have a happy work space.

My biggest weakness is my sometimes quick decision making. I am pretty decisiveness, and with that, I can make decisions without enough forethought. It’s my never-ending-lesson of learning to slow down.

2.Where do you see yourself in next ten years?

In the next ten years, I see myself feeling confident and well versed in my career. I don’t have a concrete future vision for Fauxgerty, but in ten years, I think I will feel proud of the journey I have experienced. I hope I continue to enjoy experiences with my husband and family with lots of big Italian dinners and frequent travel.


3.How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

Fashion is such a cycle, so old preferences usually repeat themselves. I think people feel a connection to a piece that has a stylistic component that harkens back to a memory. This connection is strong, even if it is out of date, and when married with modern updates, it presents itself as a trend.

4.How did you select the materials you used?

We are constantly researching the market for innovative materials and we ensure each material we use follows our mission. Beyond being cruelty-free, we prefer fabrics that have a sustainability focus, whether its recycled, made in a Certified Green Factory, natural fibers or utilizing low impact dyes.

5.What were your inspirations for the designs you created for this line?

Our Fall 2016 collection was the first step in evolving beyond outerwear. We wanted a smooth transition, so we can remain brand loyal, while still growing and evolving. We focused on vintage, classic pieces we all love, but updating with a more contemporary feel. These pieces are simple in their style, but thoughtful in their construction – and I feel like we really achieved all of these goals in these garments.

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Good Luck Chrissy!



<p>Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!</p>