It was a little hard trying to figure out how to title this post. Feeling proud? Patriotic? Missing Mexico? can be a lot of options, But for sure I had to say it with the colors of my flag. Being away from Mexico is not easy but also it has been a total journey, having the opportunity to emigrate to this wonderful country has give the opportunity to find my passion, Its great gastronomy and culture, Culture that makes Mexico unique, we are very passionate people, and most people might think that our passion is futbol (soccer) But in reality our passion is our family, always looking out for each other. We wouldn’t let a week pass without calling your mom or a sister. Sombreros, Tequila and tacos is not just Mexico. Mexico is great people that do not fear coming to another country and working hard to learn a second language. Entrepreneurs start new businesses yet never forget where they came from. September 16th we celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. If you want to celebrate it with me make sure you wear lots of colors  at the same time, lots of necklaces, bracelets and color on your face, that is Mexico. Viva Mexico!!

I don’t want to forget to thank Elena/ for sharing this with me and following my craziness ideas.

Photo credits : Grecia Ramirez

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