Everyone is Watching for spring.

We all know that pleasure of receiving a gift. This time I got to experience receiving  instead of giving. I recently received my Frankie Jord Watch and it was like having my birthday present sooner. The package was perfect. Once I opened it, it was like a flashback from my childhood taking trips to the woods. You know i’m not wrong when I say smell is stronger than memory and can take you back in time. I wanted to look at my watch to try it on but the wooden box refused. Did I mention that I have an obsession for wooden boxes? I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful watch in that much of a beautiful box. I got my Zebrawood & Champagne  from Frankie Series Jord Watch elaborate craftsmanship, aesthetic appeal and glamorous design. This design was much more than what I was expecting. It’s such a light weight time piece perfect for an everyday outfit. I choose a mens style because I have always preferred bigger wristwatches. It’s safe to say that this one by far is my favorite. Wood has been a very special part of my life, as I grew up my dad worked in the forest away from home. When he would come home, he would talk about the history of the trees and the annual growth rings within it. He would explain how the rings on the core of the tree means the age of it. This beautiful Jord watch has brought me to relive those memories and I am loving it.

“Jord makes watches for

people who don’t just have 

somewhere to be, but they

have somewhere to go.”

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