Celebrating Motherhood!

There’s no doubt that being a mom is one of the best things that could happen to someone. I can also say it’s the best being able to have unconditional love from your kids.

As a mother I’m always running around, from taking kids to school, making myself a quick smoothie to drink on my way to work, and when I’m done from work  I realized my activities haven’t even came to an end. Then theres dinner time and very often a social event which I love. For these kinds of days I have discovered the perfect outfit. This beautiful dress from Code Vitesse a Canadian company that cares for girls like me, who are on the go and the least thing you want to worry is about having to Iron a piece of clothing.  Feminine, chic, easy to throw on and go. Just a few reasons I’m obsessed with this dress.  Meet the new styles you’ll want to wear everywhere. Its fabric is so soft and has the perfect weight that will fit on any girls body type.

I love that I can style it with sandals and my wavy hair down for a day cocktail. If I add some stilettos and a smoky eye makeup plus more a sleek looking hair I can have a night date with my husband. Two dresses in one wear or how ever you wish or like ether way it will make you feel chic and feminine.
Code Vitesse has a variate of designs made proudly in Canada they use the best quality and designed for women like you the want the best. I love their slogan “Any wear Every wear” and that fits me well especially because I don’t like to follow the rules regarding fashion. If I like it I wear it. This dress is not going to be in the hanger too much, it is so much like me, multitasker.

Being a good mother or a successful professional is the great dilemma that many women face because traditionally the workforce belonged to the men, who were in charge of the economic livelihood, while moms stayed at home for the care of children and the welfare of the family.

The believe is  that a good mother is one that dedicates itself 24 hours, 7 days a week to the care of children, instead women who go out to the work field t were not seen with good eyes, because they leave the parenting to another person.
We have two large panoramas, those women who need to have come to seek employment to improve the economic situation of the family and which seek to develop professionally and at the same time wish to become mothers.
It is believed that a woman can not reach these two big goals in life and if so decided is not good enough in any of the two, because it seems that only has to deal with one. Worry too much about a career projected women as a bad mother who neglected her children to go out and succeed in the professional world, on the other hand, those who choose to be full-time mothers do not have the necessary space to take off in their careers.

Finding  the balance between being a mother and professional, is all a challenge for which thousands of women, therefore I recommend these tips so you keep ahead in this “dual career”.

1-Self-knowledge: what I want, be mother or professional? I really want to pursue this “dual career”. It’s isn’t bad to opt for professional development, not being a mother does not makes you less female.
2-Sets goals: How do I watch over five years professionally and personally? what should I do to achieve them? my current situation I is closer to what I want? Performs a work and above all action plan so that you reach your goals.

3-Trust: trust in yourself is primary, asking to much to yourself, be hard on yourself only bring you feelings of guilt. Don’t try to be perfect, not everything is within your reach.

4- Stay Away from the blame: work do not make you a bad mother. There may be times where you have to sacrifice certain things for work, but blame you not help you at all. If by your work, you’re constantly travel, you can buy something for your children, because in this way you reaffirm that being far away does not make you forget them.

5-Organization: the organization is basic, establish schedules. Divide your time between work and home, when you’re in the office, dedicate yourself to one hundred. avoid bringing work at home, your children need quality time, learn how to disconnect you from your work activities.
6-Builds a support network: Ideally, support of the couple, distribute activities, assistance is not bad. If there is no partner, lean your close, parents, friends, coworkers… Close communication with your family, will no doubt reinforce support so that you can exercise the “dual career”.

7-Delegated activities: all domestic activities are not only your responsibility, your partner must also support you with the care of the children and the housework. Teach your children that the household chores are not exclusive to women, teaching them that they can also support by picking up their own toys, ordering his bedroom, etc. professional

8- Development: don’t let side of your career, be updated in your professional field, no doubt will give you many advantages. You can take courses online.

9-Take care of you: surely this “dual career” leaves you little time to yourself, but don’t forget to take care of you. Book time to relax, pamper yourself and even make exercise to avoid stress.

It is important that you do an analysis in depth of your aspirations in life, be mother or professional, if you opt for both are within your rights. Remember that there is no magic formula for being a successful woman and a full mother at the same time, each one is different and their aspirations are different. If you’re a professional mother, feel proud to be a ‘super MOM’ and  inspire your kids to be better every day.♥

Thank you Code Vitesse for sponsoring this post


Love ♥



Mother of 3 in my 40s. I have a passion for fashion. If like to have what few have must be willing to do what few do!


  • Cara Newhart

    May 14, 2017

    This is such a sweet post! Also this dress is absolutely gorgeous!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    XO, Cara

  • Christia

    May 20, 2017

    So true girlfriend! It’s hard to balance as a working mom. I totally agree about the schedule!

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