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Hello Again.
New Year, new closet! (or at least one upgrade). A new cycle begins and with it, the renovations. It is time for you to reevaluate your wardrobe, stay with what is in, discard what is already out and add some pieces that will be essential this year.
It seems like it’s been so long since I’ve written  here sorry for being so MIA. The holidays had me a  little bit busy but luckily we are back on track.  We all know that the beginning of the year is when we find amazing sales but I don’t really see it this way at all. I also like to look at it as a new beginning for many things, new Challenges, new friends, new lifestyles, and a totally new style on one. Maybe you’re the kind of girl that gets all confused with all the current  fashion trends that might not work for you but who says there’s a rule that you have to wear all these trends?
As the year Ends we are just waiting to hear the color of the season etc. Maybe this is a time for one to challenge them self and create ones own style.
As for me, I don’t always follow the trends or rules of the dress code for the season, I just like to wear what makes me feel good and comfortable.
Don’t risk buying just trends. What happens with these garments is that they pass fast in fashion. Try buying the basic clothes in neutral colors like nude, white and black. Not everything fits everyone’s comfort zone etc.

Trying to find your style shouldn’t be as hard as they make it seem. Just take a look through your closet and believe you will find that color that gets your attention the most, the piece of cloth that you have in differnet colors and thats when you will realize that is your statement pieces and your color. Look at your skin tone and eye color. We all have a trend for something in particular, preppy, hipster, vintage, etc. You know what makes you feel comfortable, go with your gut it never lies. Most importantly what makes you put a smile on your face and will boost the confidence in you.
Find the right jean that fits your style. I know what your thinking, there are so many pairs that would fit style. Finding that right pair of jean is basically like trying to decide what shampoo to buy. We all go through so many jeans and brands that when you find the one the fits you and stands your figure you know its the one to stay. Jeans are so easy to style no matter what look you are going for. Make sure this new year you put finding the right jean on your to do list.

Accessories are another piece that can make a statement on ones style. Never be afraid to wear the old piece you treasure that is your mark. As for me I know accesories are my thing I find out when I didnt wanted to pay a particular amount for jeans but I can double the price for a piece of jewl. 😉

I’ll give you a hint of what going to be trending this new year, The color Purple or anything in the pallet, Yellow the color of hapinnes, Small sunglassses, round, square or rectangular lenses, the only rule is that your lenses are barely the size enough to protect you from the sun’s rays. Patterns, The patterns will continue to be the key to elevating a basic look, so experiment with your pattern game and perfect this trend.

Just remember that your style is your power and only you can rock the look you choose.

On this look I”m wearing a feather Coat from @ReFash_Studios 

The Bag is from @Yoro_official ,Shoes from Forever 21, Jeans Joe’s Jeans, and Tshirt from Zara.

Now is your turn show me what you got fro this YEAR  2018!!




All Opinions are my own.





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