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I’m a short girl and when it comes to shopping for trousers it is a challenge for me, from jeans to dress pants they all come to big for my height ⇑

In just a few seasons, culottes, a once-polarizing pants silhouette, swiftly transitioned to closet mainstay thanks to a universally flattering fit. And with the latest reincarnations it’s become obvious that cropped pants can work for any occasion.

Culottes  are been trending for a while now and I really thought they won’t go good for a  short girl like me . But voila they look fabulous, I’m beyond obsessed with them, you can wear them day time with a casual look and flats or you can add a dressy top and some good stilettos  and you are ready for your evening event.

I am a bargain shopper and when it comes to a favorite piece that is trending I look for the best deals, but you also want to pay attention to a good quality piece this are the ones that will stay and last forever with the special care they require.

I have seen culottes everywhere that I had to give them a try. Now culottes are one of my must have pieces in my closet from just white to a dark color or with a fun flower pattern now that summer is basically here.

This ones for example are from Zara. who doesn’t love Zara. they have great pieces and their prices are not bad, the best part of this brand is that they have regular sales and you can get a great piece for an awesome price , but have to pay attention because items go fast.

 This white culottes are from  ZARA , Shoes are past season but here are some similar at                                Nordstroms  Graphic Tshirt by Marshalls or you can get great ones at Target

When it comes to trying new pieces be confident on yourself and wear them the key is that If you like it wear it!

Theres nothing better than a confident girl, the smile on your face make the whole outfit no matter what you are wearing.


Thank You

Carmen ♥

More is Better

When I think about fashion all that comes to mind is what will be the next trend.  These days all we see is past…