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January 2017

Going Vegan..on my outfit!

Vegan leather never look so good in a Michael Kors jacket, fashion today can no longer pull the cruel wool, from Jackets, shoes, handbags you find a variety of items. Fauxgerty calls it the “the better leather” and I have to agree this is more friendly and you can wear it better.

For people who love the look and functionality of leather but are committed to a lifestyle prohibiting the use of animal products, vegan leather is an appropriate choice. Clothing, shoes, and fashion accessories made of artificial leather are produced and marketed as animal-friendly options. Upholstery, travel bags, laptop cases and other products can also be made using leather alternatives. This material is produced from synthetics without using any animal products and is also referred to as faux or artificial leather. There is no difference between most artificial and vegan leathers except for terminology.


I love stacking multiple necklaces at once another way of layering.

This statement ring is one of my favs from Banana Republic.

Jackets from Michael Kors, T shirt: Jcrew, pants: Top shop, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Necklaces: Forever 21.